Autonomous Computing

A new paper about how distrusting systems do business work together.

In 1999, I started talking about a design pattern I called Autonomous Computing. In numerous presentations, I talked about “Fiefdoms and Emissaries” as constructs commonly used by businesses to accomplish work without trust.

I’ve always regretted not setting this into a paper. Attached is a link to the first draft of a paper called Autonomous Computing that finally, after 22 years, sets these concepts into prose. It’s been updated to describe the messaging pattern more formally as a construct I call a “Collaboration”. Also included is a discussion of how this work can be used to do massively scalable businesses.

My argument is that this pattern of business has been going on for decades and centuries using paper instead of computers. Today, many applications leverage this construct to get their work done.

I’d love to get feedback and commentary to this blog post. The PDF has a version number in the header and line numbers throughout the paper. I’m very interested in discussions about both the concepts (i.e., am I full of crap), and the exposition (i.e., is this confusing).

Thanks for your attention and support!